Share by sharing with KRU

At KRU everyone shares in the success of the community.

Becoming a KRU content Partner

By adding your workouts to KRU you will get to share in the success and popularity of your video's lice streams. KRU gives 50% of all subscription income back to those who make it. So by uploading and promoting your video's you will share in the success. 
Every quarter KRU will send you a report detialing the percentage of total views your video's have recieved and remit to you that percentage of the 50% of income.

An example of this might be, with 10,000 subscribers @ $10 per month and your videos get 10% of views you would recieve $15,000 that quarter!!!

Become a KRU affiliate

Love KRU and want to help promote it? Then drop us a line and we will give you a promotion code to share with your friends. If you have a significant audience then we would be happy to give you a discount to share with them.
For every new member that uses that code you will recieve $1 per month for as long as that person is a member. 

For example, activiely promote KRU and your code to your audience (and ask them to share it too), if only 1,000 people used that code that could equate to over $10,000 per year!!

Become a KRU retailer

We are launching our store on KRU very shortly, if you would like to become a KRU retailer and offer our community a discount then please get in touch.

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