Become a KRU content partner

As a KRU subscriber you can add your own workouts, or add your own voice overs to our collection of runnng, rowing and cycling workouts. You can even LIVE stream classes or workouts the the KRU community.

KRU operates a revenue share scheme for all content partners (see 'Generate an income from KRU')

Publish a video to KRU

Once you login choose “My Uploads” under the profile menu.

  • Then click on “My Uploads” under profile menu
  • Under My Uploads, click on “Add Content
  • Then type “Content Name
  • Type “Description” about the content
  • Select “Content Category” from the drop-down
  • Add "Search Tags" in the corresponding field. (Search tags will help other users find the content easily by typing the tags in the search bar. You can use words related to the content as search tags)

Note: First add "#" to enter search tags in the text field. Press "Enter" key or "," comma. You can add multiple search tags. 

  • Upload a “Poster” for the content (you can upload .jpeg, .gif, .png and. svg images)
  • Click on “Save & Continue

You will get a popup that the content has been successfully added, click 'OK' to finish.

Voice Over and existing run, row or ride video.

We would recommend using the Blue Yeti Microphone (or the cheaper Blue Snowball).

This would plug directly into your computer, windows or mac.

We recommend using the free software ‘Audacity' to record the VO.

Watch and listen to the video and sound track through your headphones at a low volume while making the recording. Make the recording in one take if possible.

Send the VO and soundtrack seperately to KRU, we will professionally over lay them on your chosen video and publish them for you


Virtual fitness is on the rise and KRU’s partner INDURO Virtual has offered fitness instructors wanting to utilize the Lifescape (Yoga / Pilates), Walking, Running, Rowing, and Cycling videos as a backdrop for any of your coaching /  instructional videos! Record yourself doing the activity and KRU can place your video in with world travel INDURO videos!

 For an economical video recording set up we recommend using the following. 

Camera: Hero 7 Black with the pro 3.5mm mic adapter 

This can be attached to the clubs wireless mic system or you can purchase a system like - Fifine Wireless Microphone Set with Headset.

Set the instructor prominently in the middle of the shot, they should occupy a minimum of one third of the screen. Test the sound and shot until you are happy to record the full class. 

Live Stream  (please contact the KRU Team to set up your live channel)

You can choose to use most any camera for your live streaming. As with most things the more you spend the better quality you will get. 

The most basic camera we recommend is the Hero7 Black , but if you are planning to do a lot of streaming and want a higher quality broadcast we would go with the Canon XF400.

You will also need an external audio feed but can use the output from your studios current mixer. If you don’t have one then please get in touch if you need a recommendation.

You will also need a PC or Laptop with a good internet connection.

Please see our OBS set up guide.

Once set up we will provide you with the OBS output settings and schedule your live streams.


**If you intend to use music in any of the above please make sure you have secured the correct rights before submitting (see ''terms of use'').
You can use the soundtracks provided on KRU free of charge for all workouts hosted on KRU.

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